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We are Quantum, we’re an independent alternative online radio station, we support underground electronic music, our purpose is to build up a strong platform where good music is the main content and to promote a talented line up, we’re a newby benchmark in broadcasting, committed to the highest standards of quality music and at the forefront of the online radios, pushing sounds, music and artists to the next level, the coolest and finest blend of Artists from all around the world delivering a solid selection of mixes of a wide range of genres, all your favorite shows in high quality sound

Our identity

Quantum it’s all about Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo, Afro House, House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco and Electronica / Downtempo, our sound define us as our own identity


Charlie Petrone
Founder / London
Born in Buenos Aires, currently residing in London.
Artist, global dj, webdesigner, mastermind behind this project; electronic music lover since 1988, have been working on his Podcast for more than 8 years already, he’s also host of Quantum’s Show soundboutique, experience with an innovative creative edge

Mike Nixon
Content Manager / London
Dj, sound designer, content manager, he’s now in charge of the selection of artists for our line up, always bringing new ideas and support, he contributes at all stages with the project, he’s also host of Quantum’s Show Captivating Content and he’s in a developing process of ‘Behind the scene’ for our News website, also he’s behind two new spaces in Quantum: Tune In and NuBreed, you can also catch him up here: facebook.com/nixonmike

Alex Del Buey Rey
Graphic Designer / Toledo
A graphic designer that has been doing his art since he can remember, the depth of his creativity is endless and natural, unfortunately he left us in a physical plane, but his free spirit will be always with us, thanks for all… facebook.com/alex.delbueyrey

Ramiro Gomez
Developer / Buenos Aires
IT expert, developer, coding and anything related to tech has no secrets for him, a young talent, he’s currently working hands on in the apps, he solves what no one can, catch him up here: codepen.io/ramirogomez

Phalguna Somraj
Public Relations / Hyderabad
Dj and Producer, Label owner, artist, he’s now getting our contact with artists and firms as fluid as possible, he’s also host of Quantum’s Show Zephyr Music Showcase, you can also catch him up here: facebook.com/somrajphalguna

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