Alain M

FR [Ottawa]

Alain M.’s weekly podcast, Ottawa Prog Vibes, regularly charts on Mixcloud’s Canadian Top 100 Electronica shows and receives regular contributions from producers from around the world. His mixing has been noted as particularly creative and smooth, a skill that allow his sets to be experienced as seamless stories.

Alain M. started dj’ing in his early 20s and played a variety of clubs, big and small, in Ottawa, Montreal and Kingston. From teenage influences in progressive rock, metal and blues, and later New York and Chicago house, Dutch techno and early trance, his style has evolved towards the more melodic, infectiously rhythmic and thoughtful sounds of progressive house, with a fondness for Argentinian productions. Inspired by prog rock, early Dutch Techno, 1990’s Trance and New York House, his tastes have evolved towards Progressive House, with a particular fondness for Argentinian productions.

Over his 25+ years as a DJ, Alain has cultivated a signature melodic, danceable, and thoughtful style with enough surprises to keep even the most devout listeners on their toes. His live events, organized only a few times annually, are a hypotonic, transformational experience for attendees, putting the Nation’s Capital on the map for electronic music.

Even while providing a sought-after, niche experience, Alain intrinsically understands the value of an intelligent radius, making him a refreshingly strategic act to booking agents. He has organized and collaborated in a number of events including Levitar, Sunday Meet & Beat, and Ottawa Prog Nights, attracting a thoughtful crowd who stay mesmerized by his melodic, danceable sets, always peppered with delightfully unexpected sonic elements. He is working on live and broadcast projects through the difficult COVID lockdowns, always as permitted by applicable health restrictions.

Alain M. is also a guest DJ submitting regular sets to several radio and online outlets. He has appeared as a guest DJ on Buenos Aires-based Nube Music Sessions on DI.FM, on UK-based I’m Your DJ Radio, on Progressive Barcelona and on Progressive House Perú. In Canada, he has been featured as a guest DJ by Ottawa-based Music.Art.Ppl, on CHUO FM’s Vanguard Pulse Radio and on CKCU FM’s Lost In Bass. He has also appeared several times on New York-based Chill Lover Radio.

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