Franco Armellini

AR [Rosario]

Franco Armellini is a Progressive House and Melodic Techno Dj and Producer from Rosario, Argentina. Back in 2014, he started to get involved in electronic music and rapidly realized that he was in front of his biggest dream: being able to transmit from a Dj booth the particular energy that only this genre had ignited in him.

In 2016, he left his hometown to settle in Pekin, China, where he lived for a while in order to assimilate such culture and learn its language. At the time, he also started developing his Dj skills, playing in some unofficial gigs at local pubs and events in the city.

Since then, and after long period residing in Barcelona, Spain, he came back to Rosario, where he spent most of his time producing music and trying to own a name as a Dj in the city. Due to having played along important and globally acclaimed electronic music names such as Nick Warren and Henry Saiz, in addition to some other national artists like Soundexile and Brigado Crew, Franco began to be renowned in the local scene.

Apart from that, his first bootleg received support from big international names like Nick Warren. Nowadays, Franco feels mainly identified with innovative, hypnotic and progressive sounds showcased by labels of artists such as Sasha and Eelke Kleijn among others.

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