Hobin Rude

SE [Belgrade]

Hobin Rude (Ognjen Cerović) is a 22 years old Serbian Progressive House DJ / Music Producer based in Belgrade. In his sets and production, you can hear uplifting melodic and progressive vibes which are full of emotions he wants to present to the audience. He started listening to electronic music when he was still a kid, in 2010, but finally found himself in progressive house in 2015, where 2 years later, a whole new chapter started for him.

He started his career back in 2017, started producing in the beginning of 2020, and by this time he has releases and upcoming releases on labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Balkan Connection, Soundteller, Electronic Tree, Balkan Connection South America, Modern Agenda, Polyptych, One of a Kind, Droid 9, aboriginal, The Purr, Just Movement, Stellar Black, Massive Harmony and so much more.
Besides his releases getting supported 3 times by the legend Hernan Cattaneo on his Resident Podcast, he got supported as well by artists such as Gabriel & Dresden, Armin Van Buuren, Nora En Pure, Antrim, DJ Ruby, Airwave, RIGOONI, Armen Miran, Sahar Z, Nicolas Rada, Subandrio, Avira, Mauro Augugliaro, Nick Varon, Ewan Rill, Federico Monachesi, Luciano Scheffer, Lemon8 and many more, with his releases frequently entering the charts and top 100 rankings on Beatport.

He was also the resident DJ for the radio show from Amsterdam, called InProgress Radio, and now he is hosting ‘Dies Melior’ podcast for the London based Quantum.

If you ask him about big gigs he had in his own country, he will say that he played on events in Barutana, Time Code organization, Half, Ben Akiba, Ignite night club and on places all around Serbia, with the experience playing on events alongside Coeus, Jelly for the Babies, Tebra, Bokee, Ranchatek, Milos Vujovic, Igor D, Lukai, Popi Divine,Filip Fisher, DJ Acim, Marko Vukovic and more.

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