Mike Nixon


Mike’s sets have been described as fairground rides; once you are on, there’s no wanting to get off, even when it all ends. His mixing expresses what can’t be said, creating an unparalleled experience of layers, composure, melody and movement, all expressing emotion.

From the early 90s Mike has been living and breathing house music, from early days attending UK clubs, underground house parties and illegal raves. In his twenties he sold everything to make the move to Jersey; enabling him the opportunities to learn from his idols and develop the knowledge and creative flair his mixes show today.

In 2000, PosterBoy became a prolific music forum user, and under this alias and using his graphic design skills Mike promoted both local and international events and DJs, and built up his profile and gaining recognition for his passion for music.

Meanwhile Mike was, amongst other projects, working for Pure nightclub and Jersey Live, liaising with promoters, DJs, guests, and some of pop musics biggest selling artists. Every other waking moment was spent in the Sanctuary studio, buried in a German underground bunker, watching MM making progressive masterpieces with the likes of Jimmy Van M, Ian Ossia and Stuart King.

In 2011, a radio manager, Dim, from Greece was launching Lightwave Radio and offered Mike a monthly 1 hour show. Over the next 18 months his sound developed, leading him to Innervisions Radio in Ireland, where he had a prime time two-hour monthly show on Saturday nights.
From Innervisions his sound evolved further, taking him to hosting his own shows in Argentina with Pulse Content Music, and in Greece with The Generate Project, as well as guest mixes on Frisky Radio, Tunnel.fm and Xelestia Radio in Mexico

As well as his radio shows, Mike has DJ’d at top London clubs including Egg, and Ministry of Sound, plus various underground parties across the city. Mike is also resident DJ at Nine Lives Yoga Raves in Brighton. Mike is now embarking on a new venture with DJ Aiko for his Mixcloud series.

Mike’s music takes the listener on an emotional evolution, influenced by greats such as Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Digital Whitchcraft, and James Zabiela.

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