Rodrigo Cortazar

ME [Mexico City]

Was born in Mexico City, D.F. He started his career as a young age by the influence of several artists and groups such as Depeche Mode and New Order among others.

In 2005 he started the project called Hollogram together with Christopher Cotaya a friend of him ,producing tracks of progressive house with diverse groovebox, which were used in their live performances having the audience acceptation.

Inmediately they joined to Tribal Radio Records, being the headliners of label, after that they joined to Iboga México.
Rodrigo Cortazar knew Nicholas Van Orton and sent him a track for Balkan Connection South America called Monsters, with the remixes from Rikesto among others; He achieved a great acceptation and the support of artists like Hernan Cattaneo, just to name some of them.

Starting his appears with the remix that had made for Demian & Sebastian. He forms part of the Ep called Visions of his friend Neftali Blasko and Demian Moreo signed in Balkan Connection with a great answer from different well known producers.

At the same time he was invited to participate in Nublood VII from Balkan Connection South America with the track Out of Time having a great acceptation and the support of bcsa.

During this time he met Milos Miladinovic, owner of Balkan Connection, who gives him support in getting out an EP titled Deep Motion with well known remixes of artists like Santiago Garcia and his best friends Neftali Blasko and Christopher Cotaya.

With a succesful year in two v/a, the first one called Best of BCSA with the track Monsters and at the same time with the track Quasar which has great feedbacks around the world.

With this repertoire of good remixes of artists like Demian Moreno, Marc Pollen, Ares, Jonathan Ramonda, Jelly for the Babies and much more having the support of several producers.

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