Sebastian Campo

UR [Soca]

Raised in a house with a dad who listened to Pink Floyd, Supertramp, folk music, and a mom that listened to Bee Gees,Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, Sebastian was able to develop love for energetic and progressive music.

Around year 2000-2001 He discovered trance and house music on some GateCrasher, D-mode cd compilations at the “Pop/Disco/Dance” little section that a famous local store used to have, he fell in love with the sound.

Producers such as Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten (System F back then), Mauro Picotto, P.U.S.H where playing all the time on his little cd sound system in his room.

Throughout the years he was able to learn and discover other genres such as melodic & deep house, progressive house and melodic techno.

Sebastian has played as guest several Podcast such as @musicalldayeveryday from San Diego, United States, also in Trance Latino america as guest mix for Antonino Tizzano Radio Show, Movement Live show done by @soulmatestudio-academy, @deephousesweden , PHA, @deephousemelodic and more!

Nowadays his tracks go from Organic, Deep to Progressive and trancy vibes with hypnotic melodies and magical pads.

His monthly podcast, Progressive Sounds comes out every third Thursday of the month on Quantum and every last Sunday of the month on Soundcloud and MixCloud.

When it comes to deep, progressive and melodic vibes, Sebastian has it all covered.

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